There are over 140 mods out there on the internet, that can help you grow your rank, increase your battle points and even make the game a little more fun to play.

But within this enormous sea of modified apps, how would you get to find the right mod for yourself? Like where would you get the perfect combination of features?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly get a single Mega Mod apk that has all the feature you wish for?

Not a problem. We are here to help you download an APK which is known as the Mega mod apk. This apk has over a million download and is used more often than any other apk.Interesting Fact: Mega Mod is the second most downloaded apk of all time.

About the Mod

The term Mini Militia mod was coined when this game’s modified versions stepped into the mobile app marketplace. It spread like a wildfire throughout groups of players who were excited enough to download every version available. Some of these versions had Unlimited Ammo, Nitro, Pro pack, one shot dead, double gun and what not.

The Mega Mod, also known as Ultra Mod, was first seen on the internet about 4 months ago. It initially came out with features such as Unlimited Ammo, Nitro and Superspeed. Later, most of them removed superspeed as it was ruining the game of other players that didn’t have this feature, instead a faster jetpack feature was introduced. The XAP, APK and IPA files were created to make the mod playable cross different platforms.

Additional features of the mod can be accessed if you have purchased the Pro Player Pack from Playstore or downloaded it from a website like apktrendz. Pro Pack costs less than a dollar and is worth integrating with Mini Militia app. Because of Pro Pack, players can pick any weapon and customize their avatars. Mega Mod with Pro Pack introduces 30 new features into the game. A recent update note from DA2 community confirms that the next edition of the game would also let you modify the app legally, in order to increase player retention. This would also encourage the developers to include pro pack features by default and thus allow to create Pro Pack enabled Mega mod.

App developers worked on this mod keeping all device’s resources and storage limitation in mind. But in a small set of devices, the mod may take time to load because of its large size(90 MB in RAM). There will periodic updates to it, as new features are added and the package will be uploaded on the same page with the upgraded version number. The new version will have lesser chances of freezing or crashing. You can learn more about these apps development stages on Wikipedia.


The appearance and functionalities have been left intact while the capabilities have seen a complete overhaul. The capabilities include the ability to store a massive amount of ammo for all the weapons you see in the game.

The features of this mod have been inspired from Clash of Lights private server which provides unlimited resources.

  • 5x Health Regeneration – Though we have not included Unlimited health, you get the benefits of faster health recovery.
  • Unlimited Ammo – Fire at will, your guns will get unlimited bullets. You can switch between weapons or pick any weapon and the game will not freeze or crash.
  • Powerful Melee Attack – Use melee weapons in close combat with 10x power.
  • Mega Killer Mod – Once enabled this feature can destroy all your opponents at once.
  • Always on health bar status – You can check the health condition of each player with this feature.
  • Transparent Mod – This mod makes you see players hidden behind bushes and other structures.
  • COMMANDER IN CHIEF RANK – Enable or disable the highest rank in the game.
  • Reduced Respawn time – Respawn in shorter interval compared to other players.
  • Free Battle Points – Buy best store items free of cost with 10000+ battle points. You can purchase Boost Regen, Health Regen, Golden Eagle, Handgun Clip Extender, Rifle Clip Extender, and Tec-9 gun.
  • Free Pro Players Pack Trail – Full access to Mini Militia Pro Pack features by using your device’s resources.
  • Online Support – Play online through a WiFi connection and 24×7 support to resolve issues.

Installation Guide

Don’t want to run into problems with the mega mod apk?
Follow the installation procedure to ensure the app works without lags or freezes.

  1. Ensure that the current version of Mini Militia, whether it is normal or a mod, is uninstalled.
  2. Make sufficient space in the internal storage to download the apk.
  3. Download the app from the Google Drive link given in the last section of this post.
  4. Install the application by selecting the app from the “Downloads” directory of your phone. The app link will not work on iOS phones.
  5. Follow the in-app installation wizard as you do for any other app.
  6. Allow the app installation from unknown sources from the settings panel of your phone.
  7. Give all the permissions required for installation.
  8. Open the app and do not update it.

Download Mega Mod APK

The download package includes 2 different version of Mega Mod apk, one with limited features and other with unlimited ammo. The full feature edition of Mega Mod is the Ultra mod which can be downloaded for free. Cheats of the mod such as battle points and sniper everywhere also work with it. You can also install these Mods on PC with or without BlueStacks app player to try all the cheat codes. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Mega Mod Advertisement

File Name: Mega_mod.apkFile Size: 46.13 MBDevelopers: Appsomanics LLCRate the App: [kkstarratings]Download UltraDownload Basic

Try Out: Invisible Mod APK

Unlimited Ammo

You might not find a gun with unlimited ammo in real life but in this mod, you would experience what it feels like to have an infinite magazine size. Now battle your enemies, and see what happens! Enjoy blowing up stuff with your RPG and never give a thought to the amount of ammo you have left.

The most prominent feature of this hack is that it has unlimited ammo. Most of the players choose to download it because they do not have to worry about running out of bullets while in a clash with other players. This feature required working on a binary file (ammunition.bin) that contained a sequence of code responsible for handling limited features like firing bullets and throwing bombs. This could have been achieved instantly by processing all the code at once through decompilation. But it would have resulted in the creation of an Unlimited mod apk, which was not required. So each file was processed separately to make a stable version of Unlimited ammo.

Having sufficient ammunition is not the only thing that can get the victory, along with ammo it is required that the player can reach any spot on the map in no time. This can only be done if the Jetpack continues to pump nitrous throughout the gameplay. For continuous nitrous supply, Unlimited Nitro feature was added to this mod. We have already published an article about Unlimited ammo which you can read here.

Other than these two sets of features, Advanced Nitro Meter console is provided in the top left corner of the app to actively look for changes in the level of nitrous. Ammo gage still has bugs and will show two bullets left but can fire continuously.

Here now, mini militia ULTRA MOD PRO pack unlock published with ULTRA MOD Pro+Unlimited Nitro, bombs, ammo, No reload and Fly through walls. And thing you can kill anybody with one shot death mod and removed unlimited ammo because it cause problems as 3 new added fresh cards and you can see the health bar of the other players and a new gun and many other features like!!

  • Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack Apk
  • Mini Militia Hack Unlimited ammo, health & flying Power


  • Version 2.2.86
  • Unlimited Nitro Jetpack.
  • All Unlocked
  • Pro Pack and All store items unlocked
  • Unlimited Bombs
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Gravity
  • Transparent Bush (Can see who is hiding behind bush and trees)
  • Fly Through Walls (You can hide inside wall and shoot)

Note: provide only original free apk installer for Mini Militia. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia is the property and trademark of Appsomniacs LLC Developer.

Mini Militia Wall Hack – Fly through Walls Mod

Mini Militia Wall Hack – Fly through Walls on The Map mod

Be like a ghost with this Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia flying through walls. Spend almost everything in the game as you see in the below picture. You must have seen this wall hack already by playing online.

Well, the developers of the game would not want you to have access to the mini-wall Militia because it becomes difficult for other players to defeat you in the game. And now you want this Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia Wall Hack for Fly through Walls. We understood this wall problem and provided you with download links for Android and iOS devices.

With this Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia hack, you get the Doodle Army 2 with Pro+Unlimited Jetpack Nitro, bombs, ammo, No reload and Fly through walls. So you do not have to stop flying in a map, not just in flight, you can also shoot bullets and unlimited grenades. Go through all the obstacles you stop, using the regular Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia game apk.


  • If you can’t Download in UC browser tries another browser, I recommend chrome or default phone browser.
  • No need to Uninstall old mini militia before installing this mod.


Here you get Doodle Army 2: mini militia ultra mod Pro pack unlock released with ULTRA MOD Pro + Nitro unlimited, bombs, ammo and no need to recharge and fly through the walls. And thing you can kill everyone with a killing death mod and removed unlimited ammo because it causes problems like 3 fresh new cards added. Here in this game, you can see the health bar of other players and a new weapon and many other new features available in this game.

  • Latest DOODLE ARMY2: MINI MILITIA MOD APK-4.0.36.apk download from here

[sociallocker] Mini Militia 4.0.36 All Unmilited Mod.Apk [/sociallocker]

Mini Militia 2.2.61 ULTRA MOD Pro+Unlimited Nitro, bombs, ammo, No reload and Fly through wallsCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MEGA MOD

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Mini militia Pro Pack Mod APK 

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