How Your Pitbulls Training Can Make Or Break Your Relationship With Him

The breed of the pitbull has received a bad reputation over the years from a series of bad owners and as a result of bad training.  A pitbulls training is a very serious relationship between you and your pet, I am going to go over when to start a pitbulls training, some things to consider when training, and also some tricks to remember when you are walking or house breaking your new pitbull.

It is very important for the relationship of filhote pitbull your new pitbull to start training as early as 8 weeks old.  A pitbull is a breed that if not trained soon will become a very fierce and frustrated animal.  This will soon also become your problem as you will also become very frustrated with the pitbull as well because the longer that you wait the harder it will be to train your new pet.  Most of the time all you hear about on the news is the Pitbull being breed and trained to be vicious.  What is not in the news is that there a Pitbulls training can be done to be a loving pet and a very important member of a family, if done right.

There are some things to consider when a pitbulls training is going to be done right.  These thing would include, for one, pitbulls are not dominant dogs.  You can train them to be though if you are not careful.  This is one of the main reasons you have to start a pitbulls training early,  if you are patient with your pet from the start and only use love to train them you will only get love back from your pet.  When training a pitbull to “come” for instance you may use his or her name for this command.  You have to be the alfa male, though you also have to be gentle with them.  Never hit your dog though you want to be firm enough with them to expect results on the first time all the time.  Consistency is the trick, though you will not achieve this overnight so please also be patient.

Some things to consider in a pitbulls training may be long walks and house breaking.  When you go for long walks with a pitbull you will get out a lot of their energies that are building up through out the day.  This in turn will also build up a trust between you and your pitbull so that when you go out he will not have bad habits like wrecking or chewing up your belongings.  When you go for these walks consider that you are walking a very heavy dog.  When this dog is a puppy you may want the pitbull to realize you are leading not him.  When the Pitbull starts pulling on the leash then turn around and walk the other way.  This will teach them that they will follow you, you are not following them.  if they start pulling in that direction then turn around again and start going back the way you came until they realize it.

By now you should realize that you can easily accomplish a pitbulls training with ease.  You can also train a pitbull to be a gentle pet if you start early and as well show them only love and not frustration or hate when you get frustrated.  If you start a pitbull training at an early time you can get the head start  on being the alfa male and stop that feeling from ever coming into your pitbull head by accident.  It is possible you can do it just love your pet.

I am offering you a guaranteed way to train you new addition to the family.


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